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Health Care Indemnity, Inc. (HCI) is a medical liability insurance company with a unique perspective on healthcare. As a subsidiary of HCA Inc., HCI distinguishes itself as a comprehensive healthcare insurer committed to loss prevention, risk management and litigation management. HCI's mission statement embodies that dedication to assist healthcare professionals improve the quality of patient care by minimizing risk exposures that effect our insureds.

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HCAPS Physicians - While Law & Medicine remains an excellent resource for web-based risk management education, access to the courses is no longer supported as part of the HCAPS Risk Reduction Program. Practitioners who choose to participate in the Law & Medicine curriculum at their own cost may do so at

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HCI - Insured Staff Physician Program - MedRisk is a physician's risk management educational resource offered through affiliation with Health Care Indemnity, Inc. To access the CME resource, click the MedRisk logo.

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ER Physicians - The Sullivan Group provides Emergency Services educational courses selected by the HCI Risk Management Department to reduce your clinical risk. If you are an ER physician and would like to access educational services provided by the Sullivan Group, click the Sullivan Group logo